Plan Your Trip: Aiken-Rhett House

Where is Aiken-Rhett House located?
Address: 48 Elizabeth Street, Charleston, SC 29403
GPS Coordinates: 32.791346,-79.934890
What else should I see?
Camden Depot 0.3 mile
Best Friend of Charleston 0.3 mile
William Aiken House 0.4 mile
Old Citadel 0.4 mile
Aiken-Rhett House Map

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  1. I was so moved by the opportunity to visit this house. I have searched and would like to know more about the last resident in the house and how they existed in what was left. Just have to tell you how thankful I am to have seen this house preserved as is.

  2. I truly enjoyed visiting this home. I believe I got a photo and an image of a spirit/ghost, so if you are interested, please let me know and I will send it to you! All my girlfriends see it immediately, my male friends either say its shadows or like my nephew said, it’s too spooky, don’t show me things like that again!

    I walked up the stairs to a hallway with a big mirror leaning up against the wall, got the chills, and stopped. I then took the pictures, and never thought about it again, until my friend that I was traveling with said “ooh Lene, we didn’t see any famous ghosts, I then really looked at all my pictures, and remembered my chills, and then I saw it! Wonder what you have to say, let me know.

  3. I can’t wait to come and see this home!! William Aiken was my great-great grandfather and I want to learn as much about him as possible.

  4. John Robinson, Charleston merchant, was my fourth great grand uncle. It was thrilling to see the house where he and his family once lived. It was equally exciting to read “In 1825, several of Robinson’s ships were captured and burned by the French. Although not legally liable for the cargo aboard the ships, he felt obligated to repay the planters for the loss of their crops. In order to raise capital he was forced to sell the home to William Aeken in 1827.” I just wish my grandad Robinson was still here for me to relate this story to him. Thank you so much for preserving the home and letting so many people enjoy it.

  5. My fourth Great-Grandfather was Charleston merchant John Robinson. My wife and I visited Charleston last week and took a wonderful tour of the (Robinson) Aiken-Rhett House. We had the pleasure of meeting Brandy Culp, the curator of the museum house. It was a truly great experience. The staff of the museum as well as the staff of the Historic Charleston Foundation Gift Shop were so friendly and helpful. We look forward to visiting again!

  6. William Aiken was my father’s Great Uncle. Before my father, Eugene C. England, passed in 2009 I took my parents to the Aiken-Rhett home for a tour. I then took them to the cemetery and where we found Governor Aiken’s grave. This meant a great deal to all of us and made us proud to be related to him — and to be residents of South Carolina.

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