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Symmes Chapel

Also known as “Pretty Place,” the Symmes Chapel is part of YMCA Camp Greenville, a branch of the YMCA of Greenville near Caesars Head State Park.

Charles Hardin of Taylors, 2015 © Do Not Use Without Written Consent

Fred Symmes gave the chapel to the YMCA so that its campers could enjoy its beautiful view all summer long. Camp Greenville spans 1,400 acres and serves as a summer camp, conference center, and environmental education facility. Symmes Chapel is a popular wedding venue and worship site, and visitors are welcomed except when it is in use for events. It is strongly advised to call ahead and check the schedule before planning a visit!

Ryan Glover of Charleston, 2018 © Do Not Use Without Written Consent

Rainbow Falls – YMCA Camp Greenville

Symmes Chapel is by far the most popular attraction within YMCA Camp Greenville, and many do not realize that the property also boasts a vast expanse of wilderness, including several waterfalls. The property spans 1,400 acres on the eastern ridge of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Rainbow Falls, a spectacular 140-foot waterfall, can be seen below.

John R. Harrison of Greenville, 2018 © Do Not Use Without Written Consent

More Pictures of Symmes Chapel

Van Hope of Columbia, 2019 © Do Not Use Without Written Consent

Andy Hunter of North Augusta, 2018 © Do Not Use Without Written Consent

Charles Hardin of Taylors © Do Not Use Without Written Consent

Charles Hardin of Taylors, 2012 © Do Not Use Without Written Consent

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Jim Ferguson of Greenville, 2006 © Do Not Use Without Written Consent

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  • We are making a trip down this summer and would love to visit this amazing place. Does it cost anything, or is it open to the public?

    • Hi, Minnie! A trip to Pretty Place is a worthy goal! The chapel is part of a YMCA camp; the website is posted above the map, which should help you with planning a visit. It is a very popular wedding destination, so you will want to be sure one is not taking place when you go. Safe travels!


  • I would like to know about the road leading to the Chapel. Is it a steep and narrow road?
    Thank you and Have A Blessed Day!

  • According to Remembering Greenville, Photographs From The Coxe Collection, page 142: "John Harvey and Hazle Baker Cleveland donated a 28-acre mountain site for Camp Greenville. Hazle Baker Cleveland had called the spot Pretty Place."

  • This gives me goose bumps seeing such a lovely place. My husband passed away April 4th 2012 and his name was Charles Hardin same as the man who took the pictures. He had brain cancer and really loved the lord.

  • Being born in Gaffney, S.C. I have put this on my list as a must to visit. To beautiful to even describe from these pictures, and I hope to see it by being there one day soon. God has truly made a beautiful earth if we would all just stop and look around and we are so blessed.

  • Absolutely beautiful pictures. Our son and daughter-in-law were married there June 11, 2011. Your pictures are gorgeous. Is there a way I could purchase a set?

  • We visited this beautiful chapel on Saturday with the one I love in hand and spent time taking in all of God's beauty and spiritual connection. A kiss to remember for sure.

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