Plan Your Trip: Cattle Creek Methodist Campground

Where is Cattle Creek Methodist Campground located?
Address: 122 Cattle Creek Road, Rowesville, SC 29133
GPS Coordinates: 33.321749,-80.751399
What else should I see?
Summers Cemetery 0.4 mile
UFO Welcome Center 7.1 miles
Sardis Methodist Church 8.5 miles
Branchville Freight Depot 9.8 miles
Cattle Creek Methodist Campground Map

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  1. I love history and I wish that I could help support SCIWAY and the South Carolina Picture Project. I take pictures myself, but I can’t find anyone to develop my film for me so that I can scan them to post them on your pages. I just shared your photos of Cattle Creek Methodist Church a couple of weeks ago, and I just was heartbroken to see someone destroy history with arson of the historic site. I hope the law finds whoever did this and makes them serve the rest of their life in prison for such acts. I published these pictures on my Facebook page, “Homesteader’s Exchange.” Please do not remove the pictures off of my page as I am trying to share the past history. Thank you for sharing your pictures with me, Brandon Coffey and everyone else.

    • Hello Thomas, you are free to share posts like you did because it still includes the original source. It broke our hearts to hear the tragic news of the tents being destroyed as well. These places are special but vulnerable at the same time. Thankfully they are documented here, but it still does tug at our heart strings. Do you happen to have a local Sam’s Club in your area? They still develop rolls of film inexpensively in an hour if you’re a member. If not, there are still places online that will allow for you to send in your film to be processed. I hope this helps! Thanks for your support of the South Carolina Picture Project!

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