Society Hill, South Carolina

Society Hill is located in the northern portion of Darlington County on US 15.

Just prior to the Revolutionary War, a group of prosperous planters from nearby Long Bluff formed the St. David’s Society to promote education in the area. The War interrupted their work, but in 1777, they built St. David’s Academy on a hill about a mile from town. The Academy attracted the most highly educated tutors to the area.

Around the same time, a well-established baptist church moved from the east side of the Pee Dee River to the lot adjacent to the school. The village that grew up around the school and the church was first known as Greenville, but the name was soon changed to Society Hill in reference to St. David’s. The original town of Long Bluff was eventually abandoned in favor of the new village on the hill.

Society Hill, with its old, respected, and influential baptist church, its academy, and its library society was recognized as the cultural center of the Pee Dee Region well into the 19th century.

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